Ionised And Alkaline Water

Help yourself and the environment

Water is a fundamental element for our wellbeing and health, and that is why it is so important to choose the best one to drink.

Our proposal provides a real alternative to plastic bottles consumptions, strongly contributing to reduce plastic environmental impact. Using micro-filtered mains water, our system ionised it as it was pure spring water.
Natural water, without noxious substances.
Furthermore, it offers several benefits:

– It is better water, without plastic or chlorine flavour
– It is healthier, freed from poisoning substances and filled with precious minerals for our health
– It is more controlled
– It is more sustainable and it is not transported (no CO2 emissions)
– You can adjust its temperature, with an apposite function of the dispenser
– It is more handy, because you have only to press a button and fill your bottle
– It reduces wastes because it deletes plastic bottles.

Ionised alkaline water is a huge help to our health because it helps to low our body acidity. It is also full of antioxidants, a practical alternative to PET bottles, excellent for your wellbeing and respectful for the environment.
A convenient and responsible choice!

The equipment is realised with renewable cardboard, made of corn amid and other fibres, without glues, chemicals or noxious substances.
To assure a complete care of the environment, there are no formaldehyde emissions and each material used is renewable.
If you prefer not to use bottles, we can also provide compost glasses, made exclusively with raw materials coming from renewable sources.

Make the right choice, help the Planet!

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