Each product is made with raw materials coming from biological agriculture, with no OGM and pesticides or other chemical substances. Furthermore, this kind of agriculture respects the lands and every animal, further reason to make a biological choose. It is the consumers itself that asks more and more often safe products, made up paying attention to the environment. Our products are also delicious, for an healthy and pleasant break.

Making this choice means to invest on our own health.


Each product within this category completely avoids animal ingredients and their derivative (meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey, etc.). We decided to add also the quality of biological products to that, creating each snack with healthy and nutritious ingredients. These products are perfect for people who follow the vegan philosophy but also for everyone who is intolerant to eggs or milk. Each product has the 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO® qualitymarks.

Choosing vegan is becoming a necessity.


People who suffer of celiac disease cannot digest gluten, a complex protein contained in many cereals such as wheat, rye, malt, oat, spelt and Kamut. This kind of disease is spreading across the World so the offer of products who avoid these ingredients has to raise too. We selected a large range of high-quality products, gluten free but full of delicious tastes. Each product has the 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO® qualitymarks.

We want you to live happily, eating peacefully and without any concern.


Sugar, especially refined one, is not there in products within this category. No added sugarmeans exactly that the product is not added with further sugar, such as sucrose. They include only their natural sugars, such as fructose and glucose. Each product has the 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO® qualitymarks.

You can be sure that in our products there will never be synthetized sugars.


Choosing these products means to pay respect to both the lands and the people who worked to produce the meal that we are eating.
It is a positive change and a sign of sharing and civilisation because it ensures that every farmer and worker will be fairly paid for their work.

Furthermore, it ensures also the quality of products.
It means to invest in order to improve the lifestyle of those agricultural communities. 
Each product has the 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO® qualitymarks.

Health, environment, society. All together.


Shell fruit is defined noble” because it includes all of those oily seeds such as nuts, walnuts, almonds and peanuts that generate a huge quantity of fibres, manganese and natural vitamins. It contains not many sodium and it is completely cholesterol-free. Furthermore, shell fruit has no hydrogenated fats, no colorants or preservatives. A well balanced food, perfect for any kind of diet. Each product has the 10+SANO® qualitymark.

A perfect mix between genuineness and tastiness for your health.



Good for you and for the environment

Ionised alkaline water is a huge help to our health because it helps to low our body acidity.
It is also full of antioxidants, active hydrogen and minerals, and it is hygienically safe.
Its main benefits are:
– It is healthier, freed from poisoning substances and filled with precious minerals for our health.
– It is more controlled, so it is completely safe
– Bacteriologically controlled, a practical alternative to PET bottles, excellent for your wellbeing and respectful for the environment.

Drink healthy. Choose our water!



Produced using an innovative pasteurization system (HPP) that conserves the squeezed fruit maintaining intact all its biochemical and enzymatic features.
100% from Italian sources, direct pressing.
When you drink it, you can feel its naturalness and you can taste the freshness of its flavours and scents.
A valid alternative to commercial soft drinks, often full of sugar and chemical aromas, extremely damaging for our health.
A mix of deliciousness and genuineness for your health.

Perfect for taking a break. Drink fruit, the real one.


A selection of fresh fruit, washed and cut into pieces, ready to eat: it is a natural and healthy alternative to conventional snacks. At home, in the office, at school or during your spare time: every moment it is perfect for it!
– Only fresh fruit, washed and cut into pieces. Nothing more.
– Full of vitamins, mineral salts and fibres in order to keep well
– Conserved in a practical mono-dose packaging with a little fork
– No added sugar and no preservatives.

Fresh product only. To be always kept refrigerated.


Also vegetables are an healthy alternative to conventional snacks. But which one? We selected for you the perfect range of vegetables, easy to eat and really tasty.
Vegetables have few calories, they are an excellent snack and moreover they are extremely good for our health. For example, the consumption of uncooked vegetables can completely satisfy our daily necessities of vitamins.

Raw it is better than cooked!


Our yogurt is created to let you have your wellbeing at your fingertips, anywhere. It is enriched with D vitamin, extremely important for your bones and teeth. No preservatives, no colorants.
Excellent for your intestine and your regularity.

Bring it with you and taste it whenever you want!


With these productswe want to satisfy the need of anyone who is always in a rush and does not have so much time to eat. The perfect consumer for vending machines. These product are included in our Break Area, Company Canteen and Automatic Restaurant formats.
They are handy, fast-to-eat and full of healthy ingredients for your wellbeing.

Lunch breaks are important. We have the healthy solution even if you are in a rush.



This coffee comes only from biological agriculture and it has the 10+EQUO quality mark. It is a rich and tasty coffee blend, a mix between the sweetness of South-American coffee and the boldness of Jamaican coffee beans. It is the outcome of a long research to rediscover and promote the benefits of coffee, in order to provide health, practicality and deliciousness.

Choose this coffee means to combine pleasure with health.


It is an alternative to coffee and orzo. It is made with chicory fibres, barley malt and fig pulp, adding natural extracts of maca, Greek hay, Echinacea and Omicha. It has energising and immunostimulant properties.

Toasted taste, with caramel, nuts and spices flavours.


It is an alternative to coffee and orzo. It is made with chicory fibres and barley malt, adding natural extracts of ben leaves and liquorice. Full of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts with anti-inflammatory properties.

A toasted and herbaceous taste with liquorice and spices flavour.


It is an alternative to lemon tea, made with lemon juice and green tea adding natural extracts of turmeric and ginger. It is a great source of C vitamin and it has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. It is perfect during every season of the year.

With a strong lemon scent, its taste is sour and slightly spicy.


It is an alternative to the classic lemon tea, strictly without sugar. It is made with chicory and stevia fibres, lemon juice and green tea. It has no added sugar, no colorants and no artificial aromas.

The real lemon tea!


It is an alternative to chocolate-flavour drinks. This drink has no sugar and it is perfect for a low fat diet. It does not contain emulsifiers.

An alternative drink, but also a refined and elegant one.


It is an alternative to milk-based drinks.
Vegelact has no sugar and it is full of gingerol. Its taste is pleasantly spicy and refreshing.

Dedicated to every milk-intolerant.


It is a ginger-based drink full of benefits for our organism, such as: helping the digestion, quickening the recovery from cold, reducing arthritis and menstrual pain. It has no sugar, while it is full of gingerol, pleasantly spicy and refreshing.

An healthy drink for your organism! 


A selection of infusion that help the normal functioning of your organism.
Perfect to combine to the V System Evolution format.

Not only coffee! 

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