Collecting and disposing wastes are two important issues for institutions and companies, and generically speaking for everyone.
We realised some practical structures to collect each kind of waste in a simple and neat way. The structure has many drawers, each one of them with a different colour to identify a specific type of waste such as plastic, organic, paper and so on.
There is also a more complex variation with drawers to collect toner, batteries and other special wastes.
These structures are included in every format made by us and they are not only practical but they also perform a didactic function.

The perfect solution to collect your wastes and help the environment.


Glasses, dishes and cutlery are 100% bio-degradable, made only with materials coming from renewable sources such as bamboo fibres or corn amid. In particular, glasses are made only with Mater-Bi cardboard or with 100% vegetal bio-plastics.

In few words, they are certainly more eco-friendly and sustainable than the conventional ones.


PIÚINFORMA® formats are completely in harmony with their surrounding environments. They can basically be installed in every structure in which is decided to invest in teaching the importance of a correct nutrition that respect the environment. Our structures are not only healthy but they also look really good! They are a concrete alternative to wood and metal structures. When you decide to choose one of our formats, our staff will manage every step of their starting process, assuring you a constant assistance and consultancy.


Every structure is realised with renewable cardboard, made of corn amid and other fibres, without glues, chemicals or noxious substances.
To assure a complete care of the environment, there are no formaldehyde emissions and each material used is renewable.
The structures contain a natural resin that makes them humidity-resistant, and they are made with an innovative system to be easy to assemble and dismantle.
With the same materials we can also realise tables and chairs to decorate the whole area.


Our water dispensers are directly connected to the water supply network, transforming the classic tap water into a pure, ionised and alkaline one.

This proposal has huge benefits for the environment:
-It reduces plastic and glass’waste production
-It reduces CO2 emissions: during the creation, transportation, conservation and disposal of plastic bottles a huge quantity of CO2 is produced!
If you prefer not to use bottles, we can also provide compost glasses, made exclusively with raw materials coming from renewable sources.

“Help yourself and the environment”


Every machine or dispenser within our formats are characterised by a low energy consumption thanks to LED lighting systems. The consumptionsdecrease is possible thanks to new technologies directly applied to the machines that electronically control time and hours of functioning.
We are continuously investing huge resources in R&D of innovative solutions in order to decrease even more the energy consumption of our machines while maintaining if not improving their performances and functions.
Furthermore, we are going to develop and study some techniques to create clean energy within our company and our partners. Increasing the production of clean energy means reducing the environmental impact of our activities!

Always the best for the environment.

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