I vantaggi delle aree break e ristoro ecosostenibili PIÚINFORMA®

The benefits of the PIÚINFORMA eco-sustainable break and refreshment areas

The benefits of the PIÚINFORMA eco-sustainable break and refreshment areas; identify automatic distribution and sustainable catering services. We revolutionize current services, replacing them with #acquadirete, #differenziatori, #compattatori, #prodottibiologici and #10+SANO and #10+EQUO brand. Thanks to the program managed by PIÚINFORMA Association, the activities are aimed at reaching 100% of the total offer. The advantages of the PIÚINFORMA® eco-sustainable break and refreshment areas.

Benefits and fields of application.
  • The Vending Machine is a means of communication

Through the distribution machine, information, communication and practical training activities are conveyed: we make full use of its aggregating and social potential. Creating awareness among users.

  • Equipment for Automatic Distribution

The set-up is made of virgin triple wave cardboard, composed of cellulose, corn starch and peas or potato starch (all with natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals or harmful substances, SVHC list). They can be customized according to the environment and can be integrated with company profiles.  L.C.A. Always paying due attention to the environmental and end-of-life impact of the structures, there is no emission of Formaldehyde, and the structure is 100% recyclable. #Sustainable formats. 

  • The information is always clear and available

Autonomy and awareness derive from real knowledge: PIÚINFORMA Association coordinates and promotes periodic and lasting information campaigns. Water Set-up #KmZero.

What is KM-Zero? Km Zero is the project behind the known idea, around the world, that food shall be consumed and eaten while made with LOCAL RAW FOOD. #KmZero.

  • Promoting work synergy

The union is strength, and that is why PIÚINFORMA Association encourages and hopes that among those involved in the food supply chain (producer, manager, lease, consumers) there is always a mutual and collaborative exchange. In collaboration with our PARTNERS, new products and packaging are #plasticfree. INTERACTIVE NETWORK. Every health product present in the PIÚINFORMA refreshment areas is the result of a network between producers who believe in the same values dedicating great attention from ingredients, to processing and packaging / packaging. The advantages of the PIÚINFORMA® eco-sustainable break and refreshment areas.

PRACTICE SUPPORTS AND ENHANCES THE THEORY. A series of practical activities are planned in addition to the constant theoretical support, they include training collaborations with educational farms, farms and production structures affiliated with PIÚINFORMA. The benefits of the PIÚINFORMA eco-sustainable break and refreshment areas


The joint presence of conventional products and health products leaves the consumer free to choose without taxation, but by making available the information tools so that he can do so responsibly. Post-consumption waste also becomes a resource if properly differentiated and/or compacted. #risorserifiuti. Conscious choices are always rewarded through direct discounts. SREADING THE KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY.

And PIÚINFORMA does that: through printed press, web TV and social networks, to promote events, disseminate information and stimulate comparison, thus creating a global communication network. #associazionepiuinforma.org/blog


We use a program that calculates the environmental sustainability of the refreshment areas, monitoring the trend of consumption (sugar, salt, fats etc.) and packaging used. Mandatory to know and be able to improve your environmental footprint. Area break healthy products. Menu 10piùsano. Vending machines, Zero plastic, Water Set-up Km 0, Fruit ready for consumption. Automatic distribution of eco-sustainable food. Find out more  https://www.piuinforma.it/contatti/.  They say about  https://en.unesco.org/news/future-youth-biosphere-reserves. UNESCO

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