Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

Sustainability and corporate identity certified PIÚINFORMA®

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PIÚINFORMA® is the operational arm of the homonymous Association active since 2011. The only Non-Profit present on the UNESCO International Website thanks to the effectiveness of its activities. It operates several Sustainability & Circular Economy professionals in the field of research and design, within companies and bodies that have chosen to carry out a path of growth and sustainable development, through operations with demonstrable results and feedback at the level of corporate communication, such as:

  • Contribution in the reduction of CO2 emissions with data availability for possible publication on the company’s offline and online communication channels.
  • Corporate welfare improvement, fundamental objective foreseen by the sustainable development goals and new Circular Economy goal.
  • Monitoring and sustainable improvement of the products and services offered in companies and institutions.
  • Supply to customers, employees and collaborators of concrete tests of results in the field of sustainability with related company reports.
  • Offer without discrimination towards the different ethical-cultural food choices and /or due to intolerances. poi
  • Choice and practice that promotes and strengthens corporate identity in the field of sustainability. Without falling into a greenwashing that it is at the expense of corporate credibility.
  • Possibility to combine sustainable business choices with sustainable workshops. (internal or aimed at schools in the sector) with specific reference to the product/service of the company involved. poi
  • Possibility to create from the same internal business waste and/or stores (paper, plastic, fabrics, etc.) a unique and personalized collection of corporate furniture and/or stores where, in line with circular economy principles, waste becomes a raw material and the average object of effective communication and marketing. poi
Sustainable in the PIÚINFORMA® certified corporate identity.

As you can see, the possibilities inherent are different and united by the possibility of combining corporate sensitivity for the protection of the environment with the innovation and creativity of practices and objects that has become fundamental media of the company image. Sustainability and corporate identity certified PIÚINFORMA®. Either of these possible sustainable business choices is related to a comprehensive report of the reduction of environmental impact in relation to C02 emissions, Climate Change Potential and Earth Overshoot Day. poi

Sustainable in the PIÚINFORMA® certified corporate identity. poi

Given the great competition in the commercial and marketing field in being sustainable – it is often these details that make the big difference and allow us to maintain the company’s credibility in these choices in the face of contemporary global economic change. poi

Our certification “measures” the level of sustainability of some primary services present in all companies and institutions. poi

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