We define with public or private companies a sustainability path applied to Food & Beverage services in line with their corporate identity on environmental and welfare issues


Continuous support is provided to our customers, monitoring the progress of services by managing relationships with operators.


Thanks to an elaborate service monitoring system we are able to estimate the ecological footprint before our intervention


By activating our path of sustainability and corporate responsibility, we annually issue a certification of the level of sustainability achieved.


Concrete, innovative and the results are measurable


With the collection and their correct differentiation, waste and waste can be transformed into another raw material or furnishing objects for common use.

free water

Water is fundamental for our organism and well-being. We strive every day to ensure it is within everyone’s reach. Pure and free mains water.


Realizations and furnishings built with 100% natural and recyclable materials without the use of adhesives, chemicals and harmful. Customizable graphics.

plastic free

Microplastics are a huge problem and present in many everyday products. Production and use must be reduced if not eliminated.


Solutions for eco-sustainable mobility for both commercial and private vehicles. Green energy must also be produced to support the supply chain.

v sYstem evolution

It is a compact solution made for those with little space and users. From coffee, herbal teas and mains water all strictly biodegradable and / or compostable.


Catering services in all their variants are part of the sustainable Food&Beverage with 10PIÙSANO® AND 10PIÙEQUO®. Compostable consumer accessories.


Sustainable catering par excellence. The menus are certified by the brands 10PIÙSANO® AND 10PIÙEQUO®. Served with 100% compostable accessories.