Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

a path that leads to change  and together we can

a path that leads to change  and together we can

Sustainability Business Consulting

Using our services, the sustainability business consulting all companies, public and private, can requalify canteen services, even if they are already present, as  long as they share the objectives and action plans necessary for their conversion in a sustainable key. Our consulting services are synergistic with the relevant figures, within the companies, thus starting an organic process  of change, thus creating a positive impact on society, biosphere and the economy.


We define with companies a path of sustainability applied to food and beverage services, extracting data and information from the same. Appropriately revised, they are the basis on which we build the zero point impact balance.

Sustainability business consulting

All valued in CO2 Eq thanks to our Elabora&Calcola calculation system and scored using the procedures of the “Obiettivo 100” program.  The result is action plans necessary for their conversion in a sostenibile key.



Depending on the active services, we prepare an intervention plan by planning the control activities that will be carried out by our Audit staff on an annual basis and in “random” mode, without notice, in conjunction with the provision of the service or during the procurement phase.  

Sustainability Business Consulting

Our knowledge of the sector allows us to analyze them knowing their operations, logistics, maintenance and products used. Our checks show the compatibility between  the proposal and the actual administration so that users find a tangible response. We provide our customers with a detailed report and report, any non-conformities and advice on actions to be taken.


It is an objective program aimed at obtaining the best performance from the catering services present in the places of study and work. We carry out an initial screening to define and plan the objectives, times and activities necessary for their achievement. Divided into ten levels and objectives, it allows all companies, both public and private, to more easily verify and identify their performance in terms of food and environmental sustainability. Obiettivo 100 combined with Elabora& Calcola is essential for all companies that want to stand out on the market, concretely demonstrating their impact on employees, stakeholders, collaborators and the community in which they operate.



The Elabora&Calcola system collects sales data of products, machinery and logistics used for the management of refreshment areas within public and private companies. It has a mathematical structure that synthesizes and processes the input data in double reading, from the inherent value of the considered element and its correspondence in CO2eq. The latter are developed scrupulously following the current indicators available on the market.  It wants to be integrable and complementary to the major methodologies known and recognized today. We have applied it to catering services but it can be extended to many other complementary services.Information that allows to activate a circular economy policy applied to food and beverage.


At the base of the documentation we release there is a technological and scientific structure. Using impact measurement tools on the environmental footprint and specialized guidance on the evaluation of Quality products. Tools that are increasingly widespread on the international scene in order to quantify the level of sustainability of products and services. A new perception of  the quality of food and beverages that goes beyond organic without excluding the conventional. We also analyse projects whose aim is to reduce social and environmental impact.


Our facilities harmonize machines and equipment present in the refreshment areas and are made of triple wave cardboard, virgin, cellulose compound, corn starch and peas or potato starch, all composed of natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals or harmful substances (SVHC list). Zero formaldehyde. 

The cardboard used contains a natural resin that makes it moisture resistant, BFSV certified, and is built with an interlocking system that allows assembly and disassembly without the use of glues and tools. With the same materials, we also make tables and chairs to be inserted inside canteens or catering facilities. In complete harmony with the furnishings and company profile.