4 production plants, 23 operative offices, 1650 employees, 349 mln € revenue: these are just a few numbers of Salvagnini Spa, a famous Italian company that is leader in the production of metal-sheet manufacturing machines.
We are proud to communicate that from the 1stof August 2018, Salvagnini has one more feature: the PIÚINFORMA Vending Machine format.
In these moths, indeed, Savagnini group officialised the activation of our program within its headquarters in Sarego (VI). With decision, the group gives proofof a particular awareness and care towards the health and wellbeing of their employees and the whole environment.
The company entrust our team and know-how to improve life quality within its headquarter, sending a message to the market on both the goodness of their own values and the efficiency of PIÚINFORMA’s programme.
This goal represent for us not only another “trophy” to add to our collection: PIÚINFORMA Association has definitively demonstrated to be able to satisfy the needs of any kind of organisation, even a multinational one like Salvagnini Group.
We want to deeply thank the company for believing in us: we are just at the beginning of our trip, but we are sure that we will go far together towards increasingly ambitious and socially useful goals. 

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