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Plastic free is not a choice but a necessity

Plastic free una necessità

Microplastics are a huge problem and are present in many everyday products; they vary in size, but these are typically plastic particles smaller than 5 millimeters in size, which can then easily pass through wastewater filters, making their recovery and management impossible. Plastic Free is not a choice but a necessity

It is not only about the health of the environment but also about OUR.


PARLIAMENT and THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL issue a DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/904 on 5 June 2019 on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

It should be pointed out that this is not a law other than for some already identified product whose businesses are already available. But how much are they worth in terms of CO2 emissions and environmental health? LITTLE, TOO LITTLE. Plastic Free is not a choice but a necessity


-Do not abandon plastic-Dispose of plastic in separate collection-Raise awareness of management consortia for greater differentiation-Join the free market of waste management-Eliminate the use of disposable plastic plates and glasses-Use a water bottle or a jug of tap water-Avoid toothpastes and other products that may contain microplastics-Use reusable bags to shop-Avoid buying foods wrapped in plastic packaging-Do not use plastic films to store food , prefer reusable containers, better if glass-Banish, if possible, plastic straws-Favor natural fibers over artificial ones-Do not think that single-use plastic is necessary: it is not true!


Replace all plastic glasses with bioplastic laminated paper cups,

-Combine pet water with a management program to transform PET into a #risorse&waste resource-Install network columns with direct microfiltered and zero km #alcalina-Install machinery in #areebreak for the #differenziazione and #compattazione of post-consumer waste-Replace snack packs and reduce or eliminate packaging and under packaging-Implement policies to measure and monitor your impact to obtain data and information useful and necessary to be able to intervene.


-Draw up sustainable calls for tender and monitor their activities the call with sustainable administration contracts and support projects aimed at the correct management of waste

It is clear that the whole supply chain must be activated independently of directives or rules and that we do not need laws but COMMON SENSE, which is unfortunately being lost. The real change is YOU and all the companies that have chosen to take this path to adopt it then daily changing our habits and companies will increasingly reduce their use.

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