Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

PIÚINFORMA® be sustainable “away from home”

PIÚINFORMA® how to be eco-sustainable for consumption outside the home. Today it is essential to monitor the food supply chain to calculate and reduce the impact on the environment.

Today it is essential to monitor the food supply chain to calculate and reduce the impact on the environment. It is essential to bear in mind that we are the problem, but also the solution. What? With the choice of critical or conscious consumption: a return to the use of natural resources as originally and their recycling. There is a lot of information and numbers circulating on the web, but these are difficult to verify. PIÚINFORMA®, be eco-sustainable “away from home”.

Thanks to our eco-sustainable formats dedicated to the outside food market, the consumer can access specially designed info points free of charge. These are eco-sustainable break areas, which include both vending machines and school and corporate catering. These formats respond to environmental sustainability with a plastic free program, locally sourced, organic snacks and products aimed at the well-being of the user. PIÚINFORMA® covers the whole territory and directly involves people with the aim of improving eating habits when you are away from home: it is the beginning of a radical transformation where each of us represents change!

PIÚINFORMA®, be eco-sustainable even “away from home”.

The path affects the entire agri-food system starting from cultivation, processing, processing, storage, transport up to the sale of a product; the aim is to increase the level of sustainability and definitely improve the well-being of the people who use these services. PIÚINFORMA® takes care of vending and catering services within universities, institutions and companies creating refreshment areas, service and management of canteens that are in tune with the premises that host them and respond to the principles of eco-sustainability. PIÚINFORMA® – presents-a-solution-eco-sustainable-when-you-and-out-of-home.

From now on, refreshment areas are points of information and awareness of how much our choice affects ourselves and the environment.

We want to radically change the current system of food design and production from the origin. Discover our solutions and products on the

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