sano Istruzioni per una corretta alimentazione: dalla salute alla tutela ambientale
Instructions for proper nutrition
A discussion on health and environmental protection | Treviso

On April 18, the conference “Instructions for proper nutrition: from health to environmental protection” was held at the Cà Sugana municipal hall in Treviso.


This event, strongly desired by the Province of Treviso and the Association “Listen to Build”, was followed by a large group of people of all ages. Our experts, Dr. Francesco Cappelletto and Dr. Luisa Gragnoli, have illustrated how nutrition, environment and health are connected. Food, from production to consumption, can have a more or less high environmental impact on the planet, because to produce food, territory and water are committed, gas and waste are produced.


Eating better also means making a choice in terms of environmental sustainability and protecting one’s health.


The goal of PIÚINFORMA is precisely to provide clear and useful information to implement more sustainable and conscious choices every day in favor of ourselves and the only planet we have.

Leonardo Muraro, President of the Province of Treviso, Giovanni Manildo, Mayor of the Municipality of Treviso, and Luciano Franchin, Councilors for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the Municipality of Treviso, also took the floor at the evening.

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