Inaugurata la prima area ristoro salutistica al Liceo Marconi

The first health refreshment area at Marconi high school

It was inaugurated on Friday 15 January at the Marconi High School in Conegliano, the PIÚINFORMA refreshment area, the first health refreshment area installed in an Italian school.

The Marconi High School in Conegliano Veneto (TV), which for years has been one of the most virtuous schools in Italy in the management and recycling of waste, has decided to equip itself with a new tool to lower the ecological footprint of its users.

Marconi high school’s real deeds for circular economy

With us, they’ve chosen to improve also the management of waste produced in recreational breaks by concretely providing its students with a means in favor of environmental sustainability.

The PIÚINFORMA® refreshment areas are innovative because of what they offer. With PIÚINFORMA® you will get the healthier products (vegan, gluten free, organic, sugar-free, fair) for vending machines, and also waste compactors that allow to reduce the volume of bottles and cans delivered. Thus they also offer a fundamental educational function for doing separate collection.

At the inauguration, in addition to the Principal of the Marconi High School Prof. Stefano Da Ros, the Mayor of Conegliano Floriano Zambon was present, who applauded the initiative and social responsibility demonstrated by the choice of the Marconi High School, Mrs. Maurina Sessolo, of the Council of The Left Basin Piave, Carlo Alberto Baesso, Head of EURVEN company that builds waste compactors and who explained the circular economy related to automatic distribution, Dr. Francesco Cappelletto, Food Technologist who explained the meaning of the 10PIÙSANO brand®.

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