Quanta acqua serve per....


… prepare a steak? And what about a plate of pasta? The water consumed is not only the water used to wash or drink. Everything costs (a lot) water: producing food and cooking them, any object and the services that we all use every day.

The amount of water consumed on average every day by a person amounts to about 3,800 liters, but only 250 are used for domestic activities. The rest goes into the daily production and consumption of food, goods and services.

Beef is the food that requires the greatest amount of water: almost 15 500 liters per kilogram, compared, for example, to the 4 800 liters needed to produce one kilo of pigment and 3 900 liters for avian meat. #waterwaste

Nuts and hazelnuts (about 9,000 liters per kilogram) rank second in this particular ranking, followed by sunflower oil (about 6,800 liters per liter).

The cheese reaches 5,000 liters per kilogram (about 150 liters per slice!), sugar 1,500, milk 1,000 and fruit 970 (an apple is worth about 82 liters). Pasta requires 1,700-1,900 liters of water, for a pizza about 1,200. Vegetables are the food that needs the least amount of water: only 325 liters per kilo.

On the basis of these data it has been calculated that limiting the consumption of meat or fish to a couple of times a week saves on average about 2,500 liters of water per day. And, moreover, not only the planet but also your body will thank your for that choice! #economizewater

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