Horti Di Veio has chosen PIÚINFORMA®.
Horti-di-Veio in roma



Rome, July 2019

Another important success for PIÚINFORMA®! we have been chosen by HORTI DI VEIO a plant nursery located in northern Rome. It is a green oasis of about 10.000 square meters divided in different areas: exposition area, gardens and greenhouses. Now in its show room and shop HORTI DI VEIO has an additional important characteristic: the PIÚINFORMA® break room.

In the wide range of services, they have added PIÚINFORMA® our formatthat can be placed in companies and institutions where it is possible to put together the same format. Try to imagine this beautiful green area in your company.

HORTI DI VEIO has started immediately to embrace our format.

Sustainable vending machines are fundamental for the consumer’s life style as it also has advantages for the entire production chain: from the producer to the end user/final consumer. Horti Di Veio has chosen PIÚINFORMA®

We choose products with organic ingredients, organic coffee and healthy snacks and beverages with a reduced calories intake.

Therefore, we remove from vending machines sugary drinks and products full of preservatives.

Moreover, we choose products that are less likely to be found in usual vending machines, such as: dried fruit for those consumers who have different needs; such as: people with celiac disease, intolerant, diabetics and vegan.

Sustainable vending machines choose solutions with a low environmental impact that involve the packaging of the products as much as PET bottles in order to reduce plastic use.

Coffee cups are not made of plastic but are made with 100% of organic plastic with renewable raw materials.

Waste management is done thanks to the use of compacting machines or waste shredders that reduce up to 90% of their initial volume and also reward those consumers who do the right thing.

Then, in order to make everything more elegant everything is made with a 100% recyclable cardboard structure without plastic components or chemical colours.

We thank Horti di Veio for choosing us. The path has just begun but we know that we will accomplish our goal. Our proposal is 100% green and with products that have the 10+SANO®and 10+EQUO® trademark.

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