PIÚINFORMA® BRANDING is a Business Unit of the company Bontorin&Co that, thanks to its services, radically transforms the food and beverage offerings distributed or administered within all companies, public and private. In detail, the preferred sectors are Vending, Food service and Catering. Our goal is to make all the companies that host them aware, providing them with advantages that they can incorporate into the company identity, sustainability reports, R.S.I. and Welfare.



Our sustainable break areas are a vehicle for social advancement to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyles. A source of information for consumers about the impact on their health and environment of the products they are going to buy. The results of your actions are reported and made available. The detail of the products and solutions that will be used are included in our program, indispensable to achieve concrete and positive results.


Office Coffee

This service is mainly aimed at offices and small companies or freelancers. These are the best known waffle or capsule machines. The objectives and activities in place are those already provided in the format for automatic distribution, only the spaces and number of users vary. The detail of the operational service proposal in this case is already included in the V Evolution System solution. They live in the same spaces of space, coffee, herbal teas, microfiltered water and a post-consumer waste collection point.


finger food

A service widely used in communities, transport companies, meetings, ceremonies and private individuals. It is a complex of supply and supply operations of ready-made food and beverages inextricably linked to the banqueting activity; there are various possible variants, from the administration of food with on-site cuisine to the conveyed. In both cases the monitoring activities are different but the result is the same.



For canteens and for collective catering we have structured a proposal carefully designed and developed in a careful and meticulous way. The service needs greater control both in the quality of food, raw materials, waste and waste generated. The offer of the menu, created for a balanced power supply, is served in compostable or reusable containers and accessories.



Lunch outside the house 24 hours a day. They change the pace of life, places of consumption, food styles and consumers not only invest more, but do so in an increasingly targeted way. With this solution, users will find an important offer of food that is a substitute or complementary to the canteen service. It is the most exclusive and complex service among the various formats. It combines products, machinery, logistics and sophisticated software that promotes easy and automatic management. format



It is our strength and objective, transforming the current supply chain into agri-food. Our recipe is simple; from farmers and breeders to the consumer by monitoring their processes. With quality raw materials, their transformation on recipes or production procedures both certified and choice of packaging, healthy and sustainable products are obtained. Benefits for the health of consumers and development of agricultural and land resources. We value our heritage made of food and culture. format



Even on the move we can make healthy and sustainable choices for the environment.
Intervening by reformulating the offer of products is also possible in travel retail, creating real benefits, to protect our health, reducing the environmental footprint of users. The most beautiful gift that all companies in the sector can give to their passengers. A clear sign of change. You can go further, also involving duty free and bars present in stations and airports, downtown and border stores, cruise ships and ferries. The market increasingly requires high-quality products, elegant packaging, flavors of local culture, unusual ingredients that excite international travelers once they return home. format 



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