Our vending machines give you the chance to use the most important feature of PIÚINFORMA® format in order to realise a gluten free break area. The standard configuration foresees an hot-beverages dispenser with a coffee double choice: there is a regular coffee and then a biological and fair-trade one. Within the Hot Healthy Area there are also other healthy hot beverages such as no-added-sugar tea, low-fat chocolate, vegan milk and an exclusive cereal & liquorice drink. Moreover, there is also the chance to have a snack distributor with a dedicated area for healthy products among which there are also gluten-free ones.

Our format also includes a special machine to collect and compact wastes, reapying every virtuous user with a cash-back on their personal electronic key.

An ionised and alkaline water dispenser completes the format, providing customers with pure alkaline and free water. It also helps to reduce the environmental impact because it largely reduces – if not eliminates – plastic bottles consumption in favour of Tritan® reusablebottles distributed by use to every user.

A gluten free break area could be a real paradise for every person that suffer from celiac diseases: for them, eating outside their houses can become difficult, especially when they have to take a snack from a vending machine in which they cannot see if there is gluten within a specific product.

We put a lot of efforts in order to select a varied range of gluten free products with high quality standard and able to satisfy even the most refined palates.

Do you want a gluten free break area within your company? Contact us!

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