Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

emotions to be experienced find out how

emotions to be experienced  find out how

Gallery and eco sustainable projects

Our gallery and eco-sustainable projects branded PIÙINFORMA are made by the company Bontorin & Co and its partners: discover all the initiatives!

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The healthy and sustainable lunch break

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The vending machine #sugarfree

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Our gallery is dedicated to eco-sustainability!

Have you had time to review our YouTube channel? There you will find an abundance of intriguing content such as blogs, videos, and web news that are sure to pique your interest. Let yourself be fascinated by the wide range of topics our channel has to offer. Set aside a few moments of your busy day to immerse yourself in our gallery, where you can explore a myriad of eco-friendly projects of which we are incredibly proud.

Gallery and eco-sustainable projects to improve our relationship with nature!

There are a number of projects that aim for an environmentally sustainable outcome. These creative efforts prioritize minimizing environmental impact, reducing waste, and using renewable resources. They can take shape to communicate the message of environmental protection. Regardless of their form, these eco-sustainable efforts are essential to foster a culture of sustainability in the agribusiness world.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the individual actions of consumers and, through information, we encourage them to change their lifestyles.