Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende


10+EQUO® label means healthy and sustainable food. The label is designed to recognize products and ingredients that span a fair trade supply chain, from producers to end users. The brand was founded on the principle of forging a new path in commerce by promoting principles of social justice and equity, sustainable development and environmental protection, along with education and increased consumer awareness. The overall objective is to promote an alternative approach to conventional business practices, which prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet.

But how sustainable and fair food?

The primary objective of the label is to ensure that producers, growers and breeders receive fair compensation for their products. As a result, the emphasis is on promoting their products and extending their reach to a wider audience. Not only that, but the program also seeks to provide the necessary support and guidance to these stakeholders in their dealings with processors and consumers.

Fair and sustainable food

The staff responsible for the management of the 10+EQUO® specification pays particular attention to maintaining the excellence of raw materials. This requires high-quality production and raw materials so as to ensure both environmental sustainability and the protection of consumer health.

Fair agri-food supply chain

To ensure adherence to these two principles, some limitations have been placed with respect to the methods used for the production and processing of raw materials. This includes implementing environmentally friendly farming techniques and using fewer food additives in the final result. In addition, it is recommended to scrupulously follow the indications and advice provided by the Association for Social Promotion.


It is a clear and intuitive signal that helps the consumer in choosing healthy and sustainable products.


The evaluation is carried out by a group of technicians who are experts in ingredients and functional nutrition.


10+EQUO is governed by an ethical code that defines its purposes and is linked to social and humanitarian values.


A strict disciplinary defines the characteristics and compares them with the technical data sheets of the products.