Equipment in Cardboard


The PIÚINFORMA® Equipment in Cardboard, in automatic distribution formats, canteen or self-service store, are carried out directly at institutions, companies, schools, universities and wherever it is considered necessary to invest in food and environmental education, encouraging and bringing consumers closer to the adoption of healthier, more sustainable and more responsible lifestyles. Once you have chosen the format that best suits your needs, it will be our staff who will take care of all its activation phases. Ensuring you continuous assistance and advice.

We also create fittings and furnishings coordinated with existing environments always with the green vision that distinguishes us.

Sustainable architecture furnishings


The structure harmonizes all the machinery of the Break Area and is made of triple wave cardboard, virgin, composed of cellulose, corn starch and peas or potato starch, all composed of natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals or harmful substances (SVHC list). Zero formaldehyde.
Our cardboard contains a natural resin that makes it moisture resistant. It’s BFSV certified, and is built with interlocking system that allows the assembly and disassembly without the use of glues and tools.

With the same materials, we also make tables and chairs to be inserted inside canteens or catering facilities.


High quality hot and cold drinks, snacks or organic meals, gluten-free, without added sugars, products for allergy sufferers and vegans are present, alongside conventional products, in the Health Area of the Vending Machines of the Break Area or shops, or in the menus of our menus, are highlighted by special stamps that highlight their specifications. All are chosen and validated by a technical committee that manages the quality mark 10PIÙSANO®.


Both at vending machines and in our canteens, machines are integrated for the collection, separation, and reduction of post-consumer waste: if these are differentiated correctly, a bonus is credited to the consumer. Subsequently, in cities or municipalities where separate collection is active, waste is recycled by category.

All accessories (plates, glasses, trays, and cutlery) used in the canteen are strictly bio-compostable and will be collected and shredded on site for subsequent disposal in the organic supply chain. For the Shop store a special capsule and waffle collection point is always present by releasing a bonus to the consumer every time one of these is recycled.


All vending machines and machinery for collecting, differentiating, and reducing waste are energy-efficient and the lighting used is LED.

The reduced absorption of machinery has less environmental impact.

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