Fiera Ecomondo 2013 | Rimini
ECOMONDO Fair 2013 | Rimini

From 6 to 9 November 2013 ECOMONDO fair took place, the 17th edition of the exhibition dedicated to operators of the Green Economy industry.  Over a thousand leading companies and more than 100 thousand visitors from all over the world interested in the knowledge of products and technologies useful for sustainable development.

PIÚINFORMA® was present in the Waste sector, intended for companies dedicated to waste recovery, recycling and recycling, together with EURVEN, a leading company in the development of systems for reducing the volume of waste. The PIÚINFORMA® Association presented its project to spread and promote healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition in respect for the environment. Eurven compactors are an integral part of the innovative PIÚINFORMA® formats, thus ensuring sustainable waste management. #ECOMONDO Fair 2013 | Rimini

Our reasons

Being sustainable is now a business requirement and PIÚINFORMA®encourages sustainable behavior and proper nutrition. We cannot afford to keep not recycling, as we need to focus our resorces into rebuilding the nowadays interrupted circle of life. ECOMONDO Fair 2013 | Rimini

Let us build a future together in the name of sustainability!

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