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The first Edition of Eco Design Weekended on Sunday, June 26, 2016, four days of meetings, exhibitions and cultural events in the name of sustainability in all its forms, from food to design, from architecture to tourism, immersed in the Po Delta Regional Park. Eco Design Week | Cà Vendramin Foundation

Among the collaborator partners also PIÚINFORMA®, which on the opening day organized and managed the Meeting on the Green Economy, involving representatives of the most important companies that have made sustainability their core business. The meeting, focusing on nutrition and its impact on the environment, provided concrete examples of the company’s green economy showing how sustainability can be done while respecting the environment and people, also promoting employment. Eco Design Week | Cà Vendramin Foundation

But the commitment of PIÚINFORMA® not only stopped at the dissemination of the message, but contributed substantially throughout the duration of the event with the realization of the Eco-Sustainable Canteen, presented here for the first time to the public. From words to deeds, to demonstrate to companies, schools and public administration that applying sustainability every day is possible!

But why choose a More Sustainable Eco-Catering®? Because setting up an eco-sustainable restaurant in your company or school means making the right choice for a healthier and more environmentally friendly break! The catering area is, in fact, made with 100% designer furnishings in vegetable cardboard without adhesives and 0 formaldehyde and therefore free of harmful emissions.

There is also a system that differentiates and reduces the waste produced, facilitating and contributing to the reduction of the C02 emitted, actively contributing to the sustainability policies required and desired by the European Community. Finally, all the accessories (plates, glasses, trays and cutlery) used are strictly biodegradable and compostable and will be collected and shredded on site for subsequent disposal in the organic supply chain.


The participants of Eco Design Week enthusiastically welcomed the PIÚINFORMA® project of Eco Sustainable catering, understanding how this can be a real opportunity to do catering in a modern way, choosing a path that enhances healthy lifestyles!

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