I benefici pere, un aiuto per il nostro sistema

Do you know pear benefits?

A strong help for your system: PROPERTIES AND PERE BENEFITS

What does pear do for our system? For our column “Proper nutrition” today we’re discussing about pear’s benefits on human body.

From an in-depth study of the pear benefits we could find out that pear is a fruit with dozens of varieties, that comes largely with similar shape and thin skin. Although some, for example Chinese beads, look a little different. The pear is a refreshing, invigorating fruit, rarely causes allergies and is an excellent source of fiber; it also contains beta-carotene and vitamin B in good quantities, as well as traces of copper, phosphorus, potassium and other elements.

Let’s see on which things pear helps the human body:

ALLERGIES: Hypoallergenic compared to other fruits, due to the low content of salicylates and benzoates, are recommended in diets excluding those suffering from allergies; for the same reason, the first fruit juice given to children is often that of the pear. Also recommended for convalescents.

CONSTIPATION: Part of the fibers contained in the par, insoluble in water, has a laxative effect.

NERVOUS BREAKDOWN: They are refreshing and calming. Vitamin C in the pear stimulates the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that raise the mood tone.

RHEUMATIC DISEASES : The pear are ideal for those suffering from rheumatic diseases, such as arthritis and gout, because they contain potassium, pectin, tannin, which help dissolve uric acid.

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