Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

a catering service within everyone’s reach always and whenever you want!

a catering service  in everyone’s reach  always and whenever you want!


This solution by PIÚINFORMA,® has been developed for locations where it is not possible to activate the collective catering service. With this service, even medium-small companies can take advantage of the highest quality catering. The menu offer, selected with the greatest care and in line with the requirements contained in  the 10 + SANO®  and 10 + EQUO®  specifications, is designed for a balanced diet, and is combined with the presence of consumer accessories, take-away containers, 100% biodegradable and compostable plates and cutlery made with materials of different origins in compliance with the provisions of the EN 13432 standard.  How it works: just book the menu of the week to receive it by courier. Subsequently, each consumer who has reserved the meal can heat it and consume it in the break area or can comfortably transport it home.

After being used, they can be collected and disposed of in the wet or organic supply chain together with meal residues. One of the peculiar characteristics of each of our installations is the close relationship between food and its environmental impact. We are very attentive to the origin of raw materials for the production of meals, their cooking, the transport chain and compliance with the specifications of the 10 + SANO® or 10 + EQUO® quality marks.

The meals are strictly in single portions packaged in take-away containers suitable for microwave and are made at a single cooking center, where a laboratory controls the meals that will then follow storage and transport at a controlled temperature of 4 °. When the meals arrive in the companies they will be stored in the fridge present in the structure more info® CUCINOTTO LUNCH .  After that it will be enough to heat them in the adjacent microwave.

To complete the format, a main water dispenser is installed, which will distribute free water suitably micro-filtered, and subsequently made alkaline and ionized.

To reduce the consumption of bottles, we supply double chamber steel bottles to companies that activate this format.