Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

Conscious consumption? Choose PIÚINFORMA®

Il percorso di food sostenibile PIÚINFORMA® 

A System to support companies in favor of people’s well-being and the environment. PIÚINFORMA® is the brand that identifies sustainable food, for an increasingly conscious consumption. A professional partner that acts in the sectors of automatic distribution, canteen services, catering and catering and accompanies people towards a conscious food consumption and sustainable management of post-consumer waste.

Think of a product from its birth to its end of life in addition to all the stages of transport, storage, processing and distribution. All this before consumption and beyond.

Conscious consumption is a necessity!

In addition to the use of PET packaging for single portion food and beverages in the automatic distribution industry, it is now widespread. The use of PET (with glasses for hot and cold drinks and bottles of water and drinks) has a strong impact on the environment and co2 emissions into the atmosphere. PIÚINFORMA®’sanswer is an all-around sustainable offer especially between hot drinks, snacks and fresh foods without forgetting the total elimination of PET water bottles. For conscious consumption choose PIÚINFORMA®.

A welcome from UNESCO for our UNESCOs Biosphere activities.

The management of packaging and packaging is also carried out considering the post-consumer aspect. Where we will throw our waste and who and how it will handle it.

The rebirth of “waste” like a caterpillar in Butterfly.

PIÚINFORMA® enters schools and companies including the daily use of plastic water. You can recognize the distributors of locally sourced water, alkaline and ionized, with specific columns that thanks to captivating graphics help to a conscious choice for the consumer. For conscious consumption choose PIÚINFORMA®.

A simple and small daily gesture contributes to change and encourages sensitivity to the environment.

Drink healthy, well 10moresan

The innovative IPIÚINFORMA® programme defines and shares with institutions and companies a path to reach 100% of the sustainable offer. In view of the current food proposal, we believe that we should do a year.

A radical change of course, which also benefits the whole planet. For conscious consumption choose PIÚINFORMA®.

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The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

It is a company specialized for over 35 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption outside the home.

Association for Social Promotion active in the agri-food supply chain for the benefit of consumers.