Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

Food is the fuel of our body if it is healthy, it works better!

Food is  the fuel  of our body if it is healthy, it works better!


The set-up for canteens and collective catering by PIÚINFORMA®is based on a proposal carefully studied and fine-tuned in a careful and meticulous way. The menu offer, selected with the utmost care and in line with the requirements contained in the 10 + SANO® and 10 + EQUO® specifications, is designed for a balanced diet. Water is the fundamental element for our well-being and our health! Thanks to the use of appropriately micro-filtered mains water, it is possible to have a real alternative to the packaged one.

The menu is then combined with the presence of special consumer accessories: from glasses, plates, cutlery and trays, in fact, each tool is 100% biodegradable and compostable, made with materials of different origins in compliance with the provisions of the EN 13432 standard and above all with raw materials from renewable sources. The residual fibers of sugar cane, corn starch and processing waste from fast-growing plants (especially sugar cane, bamboo or straw), are examples of the renewable sources that are used to give life to these products. They are certainly much more ecological and sustainable from an environmental point of view than the classic cups or the equally widespread disposable plastic cutlery.  The glasses after being used, can be collected and shredded on site, so as to ensure regular disposal in the wet supply chain, together with meal residues. Special machines designed for this purpose are being built to produce compost in even shorter times.

Among the peculiar characteristics of each of our set-ups for canteens, there is the close relationship between food and its environmental impact. We are very attentive to the origin of raw materials for the production of meals, their cooking, the transport chain, and their compliance with the specification of the 10 + SANO® or 10 + EQUO® quality mark.

Meals are made at a single cooking center, where a laboratory takes care of the control at the origin, which will then follow the storage and transport at a controlled temperature of 4 ° to arrive in the companies / institutions intact. Subsequently, it will be sufficient for the company that will manage the service to find and serve them.