Meat for slaughterhouse – Part 2: the Industrial breeding

The industrial breeding method is also known as “above-ground” breeding. We are talking about ‘above-ground’ industrial farming when we have a livestock/agricultural system that is carried out completely independently of the geographical and climatic context in which it is located: it is an intensive system, mainly used for the production of meat and eggs.

Animals are grown in large, artificially lit and ventilated sheds and fed food imported from other places: these systems can be considered real production industries, indispensable to the current food system.

There is a total distortion of the lives of animals, which are induced to heavy stress and physical and emotional suffering.  In these farms, for example, pigs have at their disposal a cage 60 cm wide and 2 meters long with a concrete bottom, which totally prevents them from behaving according to nature.

The high concentration of animals in one place requires farmers to use antibiotics systematically in order to prevent diseases from spreading among them: needless to say, these farms are also factories of pollution, livestock waste is a highly impactful component.

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