90% of European consumers want to know where the meat they buy comes from, whether it’s a steak or an ingredient in ready meals. For now in the EU, it is possible to read on the labels the origin exclusively for fresh beef: which must indicate the country of birth, rearing and slaughter of the animal. Processed meats and those used as an ingredient in ready meals (lasagna, meatballs, cutlets), chicken nuggets, sausages, hams and cold cuts deserve another mention. In all these cases there is no obligation to indicate their origin, and there is not even a plan in this direction. Consumers will therefore have no idea of ​​the origin of the meat found on the plate, also because according to the companies, putting this information on the label would be too expensive and impractical. The European Consumer Organization (Beuc), has launched a campaign entitled “Can we trust our meat” which asks for more clarity about the origin on the label, and appropriate measures regarding abuse of antibiotics on farms and to contain fraud.