In Italy, about 360,000 tons of coffee funds are produced and, despite many initiatives and proposals on their reuse, in fact more than 96% still remain a waste. The circularity of the process  is the key to  converting 100% of the coffee funds.
CAFFÈRIKKO® is a network that unites various professional and institutional partners by circulating the process. With spent coffee it is possible, properly processed and managed, to create new raw materials or finished products. The project stems from the realization that to date there is no structured and integrated system, starting from the separate collection and recycling of spent coffee in all its variants up to processing, including transport.
Uses of coffee grounds:
  • Antiossidanti
  • Biodiesel
  • Food fibra
  • Biogas
  • Crops substrato for mushrooms
  • Fertilizers and soil improvers for agriculture
  • Oils for cosmese
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Andtanol
  • Compost
CAFFÈRIKKO® makes a new sustainable business grow that sees coffee waste as a raw material. In our program all the actors in the various processes are involved and, a special specification defines its implementation procedures.
A system that activates, self-powered creating concrete value and measurable in tons  of  CO2  that can be saved. We share our goals with Associazione PIÙINFORMA


Thanks to its eye-catching graphics it is easily recognizable by the consumer that it is coffee.


The evaluation is carried out by a working group composed of technicians, companies and universities.


CAFFERIKKO® is governed by an ethical code that defines its social and environmental purposes and values.


Strict regulation defines and regulates the operation of the network and related operational processes.