Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

the vending brand PIÚINFORMA®  is naturally sustainable

the vending brand PIÚINFORMA®  is naturally  sustainable


The format of automatic distribution is structured in the following maximum configuration:

  • The hat is a structure made entirely of 100% recyclable triple wave virgin cardboard.
  • A hot drinks dispenser with integrated cup option (without glass), instant grinding and with soluble sugar free and organic or similar coffee beans.
  • A fruit juice dispenser without added sugar, dyes and preservatives.
  • A snack & food distributor with LED lighting that contain only quality products  such as: sweet and savory snacks and for allergic and vegan intolerants, organic meals, sandwiches, fresh and dried fruit and much more depending on the moment of consumption.
  • A vending machine of food-only products for lunch breaks or automatic refreshments with attached microwave ovens for the tempering of the same. Wide offer in bookable menu or take away. The compartments are dedicated to the distribution of compostable consumer accessories.
  • There is always a mains water dispenser, always integrated into the structure, which thanks to a filtration system administers still and sparkling natural water cold and at room temperature. It is made free to users, excellent to drink and excellent for the environment and totally alternative to packaged water regardless of the containers used.
  • The glasses used in hot drink machines, if the user does not use the cup option, are strictly made of cardboard and laminated in bioplastic. They comply with the European standard and EN13432, with the use of raw materials from renewable sources.
  • Even the management of post-consumer waste is no longer a problem thanks to our innovative differentiators, strictly made of triple wave cardboard,  which facilitate users in the correct separation depending on the materials, before starting the appropriate waste management chains. The more they are differentiated, the greater the possibility of reusing them to create new by-products or furnishing and design objects. Operation made easy thanks to colored vents with an icon representing the waste.
  • An immediate user interface with a simple and intuitive Full HD Touch screen is present in the hot drinks machine so that consumers can access information on ingredients before purchasing products.


Bonuses and advantages for the most virtuous consumers, the choice is yours!