Associazione PIÚINFORMA e la sostenibilità nelle aziende

for your H24 lunch break healthy and tasty 100% without waste!

for your H24  lunch break  healthy and  tasty 100% without waste !


It is the most exclusive and complex service among all our formats. It combines products, machinery, logistics and sophisticated software that facilitates easy and automatic management. This innovative format of PIÚINFORMA® is the automatic version of the current catering,  it meets the needs of users who have increasingly reduced lunch breaks or need for 24-hour use. The system is a complete solution, equipped with: vending machine, mains water dispenser, a totem that houses two or more microwave ovens to heat the chosen dish and two drawers where strictly compostable accessories are housed (glasses, cutlery, plates), if the use of own containers is not available, a post-consumer waste differentiator, all collected and coordinated by an attractive structure made entirely of  100% recyclable virgin cardboard with triple wave.

  • How it works: the user, thanks to a touch panel adjacent to the vending machine, will choose and book his weekly menu (for “Guests” users a menu of the day is available); a digital platform is being created to give access to all users directly from their fixed and mobile devices. Inside a specially configured eco-friendly Automatic Restaurant there will be the references previously booked by the consumer and which only he can use. Thanks to the presence of the exclusive integrated post-consumer waste sorter, the user is facilitated in the correct separation depending on the materials, before starting the appropriate management chains. Operation made easy thanks to colored vents with an icon representing the waste. Finally, the user can take advantage of  a mains water dispenser that, thanks to a microfiltration system, distributes still and sparkling natural water cold and at room temperature. It is made free to users, very good to drink and excellent for the environment, totally alternative to packaged water. A double chamber water bottle will be delivered to each user on the occasion of the distribution of keys / cards or access to the APP, which can be used to access the service.
  • The environmental benefits are documented annually thanks to an impact report that we release annually to our customers thanks to the overall monitoring of the service.


We provide all our customers with automatic canteen services customized according to their needs and consumption times, in full respect of the health of its staff and the environment.