Each format for vending machines includes: an hot beverages machine with a double choice of coffee (regular and biological) and Snack & Food dispenser with led lighting. Within both of them, there are dedicated spaces named Healthy Area, that contain only 10+SANO® e 10+EQUO® healthy products, such as biological, gluten free, sugar free or vegan snacks.

Within hot beverages machines, we use only MaterBi cardboard-made glasses, made from renewable sources, such as corn amid bamboo fibers. Extremely sustainable!

The hot beverages machine has a Touch Full HD screen with a simply and modern interface to allow consumers to read every information about the product before buying it. The screen also provide interesting news on sustainability and nutrition while it is not used.

Furthermore, the structure includes also a water dispenser that allow to distribute free ionised water: excellent to drink and eco-friendly!

Our format help the waste management too thanks to innovative systems for the collective selection of wastes, combined with a compacting machine that reduce waste volume by 90%.

All in one structure. This is PIÚINFORMA®: healthy products, free water, in good coexistence with regular products. And for virtuous consumers, there are also many awards: THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

The equipment is realised with renewable cardboard, made of corn amid and other fibres, without glues, chemicals or noxious substances.

To assure a complete care of the environment, there are no formaldehyde emissions and each material used is renewable. The structure contains a natural resin that makes it humidity-resistant, and it is made with an innovative system to be easy to assemble and dismantle. With the same materials we can also realise tables and chairs. For the most pretending clients we offer custom-made graphics to make elegant and good-looking both vending machines and Break Areas.

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