24h Automatic Restaurant

This is our most exclusive and complex format. It combines products, machines, logistics and a sophisticated software that provides an easy and automatic service management.

This innovative format made by PIÚINFORMA®  is the automatic version of a sustainable canteen.
It satisfies all of those users with short meal-breaks or that need to have 24h food services.
This system is a complete solution that includes: vending machines, water dispenser, two or more microwave ovens and several drawers filled with sustainable and eco-friendly furniture (glasses, cutlery, dishes, etc.).
The menu is strictly selected by our Technical Committee CAPTA following specs of the 10+SANO® quality mark.
The same committee controls the 10+EQUO® quality mark for the monitoring of raw materials.
How does it work? The user, thanks to a touch screen close to the vending machine, will choose and book his weekly menu, while “host users”can choose a daily menu. We are realising a digital platform to allow users to access their menus directly from their Smartphones or PCs.

The user will heat his meal through a microwave oven, collect the waste through dedicated drawers for each type of waste (organic, glass, plastic, etc.).
Then, each user will receive a personal bottle in order to fill it up from the water dispenser.
The aim of the project: furnish to every company or institution a food service that satisfy their needs, paying attention at the same time to human and environmental health.
Are you interested in more info on our format for the sustainable automatic restoration?

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